Water Heater Repair
& Installation

Quality Water Heater Services

Metro Plumbing offers water heater inspections and repair services for gas-powered and electric models. We also provide installation services if it’s time for a new replacement. Our team is here to make sure your water heater is up and running the way it should be.

Inspections and Diagnostics

Our thorough water heater inspections go beyond the surface, utilizing advanced diagnostics to assess the condition of your unit. We meticulously examine all components, checking for potential issues such as sediment buildup, corrosion, or faulty valves. Our goal is to identify any concerns early on, preventing future malfunctions and optimizing the efficiency of your water heater.

Precision Repairs

Should your water heater require repairs, our experienced technicians are well-equipped to address a range of issues. From fixing heating element malfunctions to resolving thermostat issues, we approach repairs with precision and expertise. We prioritize using high-quality replacement parts to ensure the longevity and reliability of your water heater.

Efficient Installations

In need of a new water heater? Trust our team to handle the installation process seamlessly. We work closely with you to understand your hot water needs, recommending energy-efficient models that align with your preferences and budget. Our installation services are conducted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your new water heater is set up for optimal performance.