Video Camera Inspection
In Houston, Texas

We Diagnose Drain and Sewer Issues

Through a professional video camera inspection, we will diagnose your plumbing issue and identify the root of the problem. Our experienced plumbing technicians will also be able to foresee any potential future issues, saving you time and money. Metro Plumbing’s video camera inspections can detect everything from root intrusion, blocked pipes, corrosion and cracks, to collapsed lines and more. It’s a good idea to consider video inspections once a year. Whether you need an annual inspection or would like us to inspect a property you are buying or selling, our staff is expertly trained to diagnose your plumbing concerns.

Benefits of Video Inspections in Houston

  • Accurate diagnosis

  • Time and cost savings

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Verification of repairs

  • Receive documentation for insurance claims

  • Efficient planning for renovations

  • Non-invasive inspection

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