Gas Line Repair
& Installation

Keep Your Home Safe From Flammable Gas

If you have gas line concerns, it’s important to immediately contact a professional. Gas line leaks can be extremely hazardous to your health if left ignored. Metro Plumbing is here to assist with natural gas leaks, gas line installation, and propane gas line installation. Our experienced plumbing technicians have the training to identify problems and resolve gas line issues.

Gas Line Problems

Some of the gas line problems we can fix:

  • Gas line blockage from dust, debris, and hazardous weather. 

  • Poor appliance maintenance.

  • Fitting and connection issues.

Gas Line Leaks

Give us a call if you notice any of the following: 

  • Dying shrubbery or houseplants, which could be a sign of spilled gas leaking into the soil

  • Gas appliances producing hissing noises, which could be a sign of a damaged pipeline

  • A smell like rotting eggs, which is a natural gas additive that can indicate a leak

  • Bubbles forming puddles in your yard

  • Unusually high gas bill

Gas Line Replacements

A few reasons why you might want to consider replacing your gas line:

  • If you have eroding or rusting pipelines

  • If your gas line is more than 20 years old

  • If there is damage to the pipeline

  • If you are renovating your home